Welcome to The Nassau-Suffolk Funeral Directors Association (NSFDA)

NSFDA maintains an Executive Office:
PO Box 640
Kings Park, New York
Phone: (631) 765-3737
Email: hollynsfda@yahoo.com

The Nassau-Suffolk Funeral Directors Association (NSFDA), founded during the mid-1980s, is an organization of New York State Licensed Funeral Directors and New York State Registered Funeral Firms dedicated to:

  • ​Promoting high ethical and business standards in the Funeral profession
  • Supporting those who minister daily to the needs of the bereaved
  • Providing the continuing education necessary for individual enhancement and in order to meet New York State licensing requirements
  • Upholding the excellence of the various mortuary science schools at which its members were educated
  • Advancing the interaction between Licensed Funeral Directors and those agencies with which they deal on behalf of themselves and the families they serve.